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Joker Marchant Stadium

Tiger Town
P.O. Box 90187
Lakeland, FL 33804
(863) 686-8075
Year Opened 1966; renovated in 2003
Capacity 8,000
Dimensions 340L, 420C, 340R
Playing Surface Grass

Tiger Town is the Spring Training headquarters for the Detroit Tigers and the regular season home of its minor league farm team in the Class A Florida State League, The Lakeland Tigers.

Tiger Town is owned and operated by the City of Lakeland. The City of Lakeland's Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for maintaining the facilities.

Named in honor of the late Joker Marchant, Lakeland's former parks and recreation director, Joker Marchant Stadium was used by the Detroit Tigers for Spring Training for the first time in 1966 at which time it contained seating for 4,900 spectators. Expansion projects undertaken in the early 1970's and the addition of new grandstands along the left field foul line in 1988 brought the stadium capacity to its current capacity of 7,100 seats.

The Detroit Tigers began coming to Lakeland for Spring Training in 1934 and have been coming back each year ever since. The 70 year relationship between the Detroit Tigers and the City of Lakeland is the longest lasting relationship between a Major League baseball team and a Spring Training host city.